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     Bezoek Premier Jan Peter Balkenende

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“With more than 25 years experience on the Russian Market, we have been a partner for numerous companies that have chosen us to develop their Russian activities. Together with our clients, we implement strategic and cost-effective solutions that help them secure a more successful position in the Russian market”.


Gerrit-Jan Nijhof

General manager


The route to success in The Russian Federation

(and other CIS Countries)


Looking for a partner to help you develop your Russian operations?

We operate on your behalf in the Russian market. Our strong track record in a wide variety of industries and retail channels allows us to create openings and exploit opportunities that can enhance the success of your business in Russia.

From the moment we start working with you, you get direct access to the market. Our specialized employees team up with your staff. To your customers we will function as your Russian office.



Introduction Program


We’re not just a service provider – we’re also able to participate in the complete Russian development of your business. We understand that many “Western” companies first want to familiarize themselves with the market and its sales potential before making any long-term decisions about how to structure their Russian operations

To provide you with a thorough understanding of your potential and chances in the Russian market, we offer a Introduction Program, which will provide you with all the critical information you need to make long-term strategic decisions. It is not uncommon that we combine the introduction program with a tradeshow.


Market analysis

We start by gathering essential data from the market you want to penetrate. We provide an initial market evaluation of competitors, general price levels, distribution structures and potential trade shows.


Lead generation

Business partner search.

We have established extensive databases with information about numerous Russian companies and a well-functioning network in Russian industry and retail.


Lead qualification


By this stage we will:

call prospective customers on your behalf to introduce your product(s)

send them information about your products, highlighting unique selling points and benefits.

follow up to see whether they’re interested in your products.


Setting up sales calls

Market Entry Program.

We will arrange a complete itinerary for you and together we will visit selected potential customers in Russia. You take care of the technical aspects: we provide the local touch and deal with any issues and problems that arise, giving you the full benefits of our Russian marketing expertise. The aim of these visits is to get insight into the potential of your product(s) and to get a good appreciation of the critical factors needed to be successful in The Russian Federation in the long term.



At the end of the program, we evaluate the introduction period together with you and determine which approach and route to take. At this stage we also follow up on the sales calls to turn them into business.



Long term


Tramaco can offer you permanent representation and full-service support in Russia. Including: sales, market research, marketing, local support, outsourcing of production, logistics, financial – fiscal and legal assistance, M & A. We provide all of these services, whichever distribution channel you decide to use.



Through a dedicated sales force of experienced professionals we generate business for you.

Call actions: through our customized database we call upon key decision makers and specifiers to establish their interests.

Sales calls: visiting distributor and/or end-users, independently or together with you.

Sales channels: setting up new distribution channels and/or establishing reseller dealer networks.

Inside sales: managing your day-to-day Russian sales activities including order taking, handling quotes and documentation requests.

Training: providing structural support for product training and seminars.


Market Research

Based on your business model we will assess your Russian potential and provide you with in-depth market information.

Competitor analysis: checking prices, products, organization structures and service levels.

Market potential: determining the size of the market per region and sector.

Promotion: identifying trade shows and trade magazines.

Russian standards: securing approvals and, where relevant, helping you with product adaptation.



We market your products throughout Russia.

Target groups identification: identifying target groups and setting up your own customized Russian database.

Literature: working together with you to create, adapt and translate your literature for Russia including brochures, flyers, catalogues, and price lists.

Coordinating and participating in trade shows: sending out invitations, arranging appointments and ensuring professional follow-up of leads.

Promotions: working on translations and artwork for websites, brochures, catalogues, advertisements, and magazine editorials.

Direct mailings and call centre activities: sending out mailings and engage in telemarketing to generate leads.


Local Support

Your clients expect local support.

Russian presence: day-to-day presence, with local phone and fax number.

Customer service: multi-lingual inside sales staff.



We take care of your logistics.

Logistic partners: finding the right partners for you, based on service levels and competitive rates.

Samples: receiving and delivering product samples.



      Outsourcing of production


      Financial, fiscal and legal assistance


Mergers & Acquisitions







Introduction program

Depending on the stage of development of the Russian activities of our clients and the complexity of the project, we charge fixed amounts, assessing your potential on the Russian market and providing you with relevant market information.

Long term

Your own Russian “infrastructure” at a fraction of the price.

Because of the variation in the Russian experience, activities and objectives of our clients, our pricing is adapted to meet each customers needs. Typically we charge a monthly retainer depending on complexity and requirements, combined with an agreed commission structure. The monthly fee in most projects to be settled with generated commission amounts.